Ocean Health & Medicals :

Ocean Health & Medical Pvt Ltd is a new-age manufacturer & marketers of soft gelatin formulations. Ocean was founded in the year 2008, started with the specific vision of developing affordable high precision products to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of their end users. From a small start, Ocean has now built up on its Product Portfolio in key therapeutics areas like anti-inflammatory, Nutraceuticals and other OTC range.

At Ocean Health, we aim to benefit our customers by helping them to achieve optimal health. We believe that this will help our end users realize their full potential physically, psychologically and socially, allowing them to achieve quality of life and high self-esteem.
Soft Gelatine Capsule
Soft gelatin capsules consist of a filling, containing the dissolved or suspected active substance, and of a one-piece shell. Owing to the hermetic seal, the filling ingredients are protected against any harmful influence of the environment. Physical properties of solutions and suspensions, especially their homogeneity, allow the precision of dosage of active ingredients, rare in dry, orally received medications.